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A Truly Big Show by the Modern Icons Band ATBS To The Bone By The Modern Icons Band TTB Shrine On Harvest Moon by the Modern Icons Band SOHM 'Til Cooler Head's Prevail by Steve Chambers TCHP
"A Truly Big Show", "To the Bone", "Til Cooler Prevail" are available on CD. " Shire on Harvest is available on cassette tape only.
A Truly Big Show
A Truly Big Show by the Moden Icons
Confusion And...
Chaos Is My Friend (Robin Chambers)
Drifting (Charlie Burnett)
We Do Nails (Steve Chambers)
Superball (Robin Chambers) Lyrics Video
Jenny (Charlie Burnett)
Jump The Fence (Steve Chambers)
Consolation Prize (R. Chambers)
Kicking Around (Charlie Burnett)
Letting Go (Robin Chambers)
Change Your Oil (Steve Chambers)
Guinevere (Charlie Burnett)
Twilight Time (Robin Chambers)
Opus No. 3 (Steve Chambers)
To the Bone
To the Bone by the Modern Icons Band
Carnival Waltz (fractured)
In Your Hometown
Skeleton In The Closet
Dumb Little Song
Colors For The Grey
All Along The Watchtower
You're An Animal
Surfin' To Pluto
Danger Is My Drug
Spinning Song
Carnival Waltz (reprise)
Shrine On Harvest Moon
Shrine on Harvest Moon by the Modern Icons
Angel, Angel
Azure Eyes
Too Loud, Not Loud Enough
Crazy Moth
Mrs. Grim
Falling Star
Nothing' For Nothing'
Elephant Dance
Just Watch Me
First Tango
Merry Maid
"Til Cooler Heads Prevail"
'Til Cooler Heads Preail by Steve Chambers
Don't Try This at Home
Gotta Be with You
What Jesus Said About It
The Wrong Crowd
House Where No One Lives
Foolish Thing
Trust Your Judgment
I Started Naked
Boy Is My Face Red
Dump Truck Delores
Still Know How To Rock
Secret Hidden Tracks Bens Boy Amos
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