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Modern Icons Band Reviews
Modern Icons Band Reviews
The perfect complement of chaos and control… wildly original yet accessible…
This is music that pricks up ears numbed by formula.”
Joe Deltufo, Big Shout magazine

“Robin seems on the verge of exploding from the stage with irrepressible passion.”

Tom Knapp, Intelligencer Journal

“The band shows an uncanny sense of adventure and an affiliation for the bizarre.”

Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine

“Clawing, whipsawing, bow blurring and hair flying, Robin Chambers and her fiddle thrashing in thrall to their mutual muse are a sight not easily forgotten.”

John Friel, Barfly Monthly

Too unruly for a category, the music of Modern Icons commands wide appeal. Armed with only a violin, guitar and stand-up bass, the folk-pop-blues-punk-gypsy-psychedelic Modern Icons serve up to their crowds is charged with passion and whimsy, fire and fun. The smooth three-point harmonies echo the band’s ‘60’s pop influence, while their raw, gritty and sometimes dissonant aspects are drawn from more visceral realms. People of all ages, all walks of life have become mesmerized and profoundly moved by the live performances of Modern Icons.

The members of Modern Icons are Robin Chambers, Steve Chambers and Charlie
Burnett, all three of whom write songs for the band. Robin sings, plays mandolin and her frenzied violin solos have become a signature sound of the group. She and Steve, who
Adds voice, guitar and quirky humor to the mix, have performed together since 1981 around the United States and in Europe. They established Modern Icons in 1989, and joined with their bass player, Charlie Burnett in 1995. Charlie, who also sings graduated
From Peabody Conservatory of Music in 2000, and has performed in the White House and at Carnegie Hall. In addition to playing 21 instruments, he records and produces albums at home.

Since 1989, Modern Icons have graced the stages of many clubs and festivals in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New York, and the group’s growing mailing list reflects their popularity in those areas. Modern Icon’s albums, “Shire on Harvest Moon”, “To the Bone” and “A Truly Big Show” have enjoyed critical and financial success.
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