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To The Bone CD

To The Bone CD Lyrics

In Your Hometown (Robin Chambers Steve Chambers)

Well if you watch TV, then you know its a fact
You could walk out of the door, and you'd never come back
And you'd wind up in the river in a burlap sack
Or out in back of town along the railroad track

It could happen to you right here in your hometown
It could happen to you before you knew what came down
Tragedy's a lurkin', better look around
'Cause there's a billon ways to bite it right in your hometown

You could be in bed and think you're safe and sound
Just when a storm could come up and it could blow your house down
And your kids would disappear and they would never be found
And an arsonist could burn the rubble to the ground

There's a gang in the ghetto that you kill for you shoes
There's a geezer in the gutter, ain't got nothin' to lose
There's an addict in the alley with a poison dart
There's a lover with a dagger and a broken heart

Birthday (Robin Chambers)

No one could hold a candle to you
But if he did, it would melt in your presence
Your presents, let me open them up

Because I feel like it's my birthday
I feel like I could get my wish and I could blow out the candles
And not be left in the dark

No one can make me new like you do
And I can feel all the hope of beginning
Beginning celebration with you

No one has brilliance hot as you do and in your light
I feel I will have my peace my piece of cake and eat it too

Skeletons in the Closet (Robin Chambers)

Bones rat-tattling, in the closet
Bones rat-tattling, in the closet now
Bones rat-tattling, in the closet
Bones rat-tattling, in the closet now

Edgar Allen Pr' me another
Glass of blacks and viscous thrills
How intense the self reflection
In which is found the look that kills

Laugh in the face of mystery
Laugh at reapers dark decree
Laugh when secrets come undone
Scream and dance, great abandon

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
Decay and rot they bring about
Skeletons key, unlock the door,
Find what fertile ground's laid for

Your rattle bones will tattle on you
Your closet door has come ajar
And in you skeleton's sweet rhythm
We'll find out who you really are

Skeletons dancing in the streets
Skeletons dancing at your feet
"Back to back and belly to belly
Don't give a damn, done dead already."

Dumb Little Song ( Steve Chambers)

It's a dumb little song
It's a dumb little song
It's a dumb little song
It's a dumb little song

Ever since the point of creation
Been living in a certain situation
According to the laws of astronomy
The earth circles the sun for eternity

But like those stars a trillion light years away in space
One day our sun could just blow up right in our face
Suck the earth into a big black hole
We'd be inside out, we'd be pole to pole
Livin' in a strange and weird universe
We'd probably be upside down or triply reversed
Everything the opposite - nothing the same

You'd probably wear my shoes and I would have your name
I'd be in the audience sitting in your chair,
You would hold this microphone instead of drink beer
Suddenly, we'd have traded places
You'd be singing to these funny faces
I'd be sitting there just wondering how long
You were gon'a drag out this dumb little song

Colors for the Gray (Robin Chambers)

"I'm scared", I heard her say
"To bring a babe into the world today would be a crime
So much to lose, so little time"

"We sit and shred the sky
We bleed our mother dry
And it's a sin - The hell to pay will soon begin"

What can I say?
Know she's right in many ways
And maybe it's naive to believe
That there's a rhyme with no reason
What can I say to my little girl at play?
Sing her a lullaby and pray
she'll never trade her colors for the grey

The world revolves again
Reveals men killing men
As they have done
Since human nature had begun

Empires, they rise and fall
This time we may just take it all
But who's to know?
It's easy come and easy go

Black swirls in white
Dark defines light
No wrong or right
Just rules we set for the game
It's really all the same

Paralysis sets in
As the mouse observes the serpent's grin
He shuts his eyes
He dulls his senses and he dies

But me, I think I'll dance
Inside the belly of circumstance
At least I'll know
That I am going with the flow

Your an animal (Robin Chambers)

You're sly as a a fox, you're swift as a deer
Are you a big bad wolf, can you smell my fear
Stubborn as a mule, you're crazy as a loon
You say your prowlin' me has left you howlin' at the moon

Watcha think you're doin' ? Keep your paws to yourself
Get back to you territory hear this wild cat yell

You may be king of the jungle
But that jungle isn't mine

You're an animal, ay, you're an animal, ay
You're an animal , an animal, an animal tied
To the instincts of the dog eat dog
To the cat and the mouse
And the living whole hog
you're an animal, ay, ooh, hoo,oo
you're an animal, ay, ooh, hoo,oo

You're appetite's ferocious like a big wild boar
You'd make a monkey outta me, but I've seen it all before
"I must be free as a bird" you'd say thru crocodile tears,
Then like a bat outta hell I'd see you weasel outta here

Such an eager beaver but you badger me
Though your a whale of a time there's other fish in the sea

Whatsa matter now, does the cat got your tongue?
Are you a snake in the grass or a rabbit on the run?
What's matter now, goat a frog in your throat
Now that you busted down defenses like a randy billy goat?

Whatcha gonna do, come in for the kill?
Tear the meat from the rest till you've had your fill

Leapin' lizards, I flew again
Into the clutching claws
Of a carnivorous friend

Surfin' To Pluto (Steve Chambers)

We got a gig in Pluto, pay about a thousand a night
We're packing up our toothbrushes, we're
Getting batteries for our flashlights
We're gonna go the fun way, well take Along all of your friends
We're going there by surfboard
We're selling the Mercedes Benz

We're goin' surfin' to Pluto, surfin' to Pluto
Hey why don't you go surfin' to Pluto

We'll blast off from Florida,
'Cause it's cooler than leavin' from here
A hundred and one purple surfboards
blastin' through the stratosphere
We're gonna take the long way just to see
The northern lights
We'll be watchin'-our radar Scanning for the meteorites

My oxygen mask won't get in my way
When I hang ten over the USA
Out around Saturn we'll be shootin' the curl
We'll be pullin' into Pluto
Be a whole new world
After we get to Pluto , we'll rent a pad for a dollar a night
And all of our friends can live with us
Just as long as they don't fight
Maybe we'll buy a Winnebago and paint it
chartreuse and green
And take day trips to Jupiter
and go swimming in the Pluto Sea

Danger is my Drug (Steve Chambers)

Leon went to the frozen river
Strolled out on to the smooth glass
He sang a song and began to prance
If you are walkin' on thin ice, you may as well dance

But then the ice began to quiver and crack
And Leon waltzed his ass on back
And when I asked him why he took a change
To perform this dangerous dance

He smiled for awhile
Gave his shoulder a shrug
Looked me in the eye, and said
"Danger is my....."

Danger is my drug

Well, this man has a photographic mind
Yeah, he recalls all that he sees
But in the pain of his twisted vision
Can't justify his memories

And how he hates to see the party end
And he has to hear just one more song
And he thanks the lord for his best friends
But blurs in the line "tween right and wrong.

Laughing out loud, gives his bottle a chug
Calls out to no one, "Danger is my...."

Well, he drives away in his cage of steel
He's a loaded gun behind the wheel
Turns out the lights a sixty-five
Just to taste the trill of being alive

Driving through the darkness
Smiling so smug
He screams out the window
"Danger is my...."

Spinning Wheel (Robin Chambers)

Spin the wheel, the wheel of fortune
Spin the wheel, the wheel of strife
Spin the web of the great unknown
Draw your lots in love and strife

Spin the wheel, spin your thread
Spin your tale and make your bed
And lie in it or die in it
Love in it or cry in it

Spin the bottle, truth or dare
Exhilaration or despair
Spin the wheel. take a turn
Move your piece and live and learn

Spin your fiber, work the loom
Spin a cocoon in your spinning room
Spinning thoughts inside the womb
Spinning earth spells birth and doom

Spinning circle 'round the sun
Spinning chamber of a gun
Spin the wheel , for you must die

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