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Steve Chambers of the Modern Icons Band
Dear friends, family and fans,
I wanted you to know that the last four years work on my solo album have not been in vain.
I have finally completed this album and it is being pressed as we speak This collection started as a handful
of dumb little songs a number of years ago. Charlie Burnett and I worked on them at our leisure [perhaps too much leisure and not enough diligence] and over the years created , in his studio, the crafted body of art that it has become today. There are many talented musicians on this album. Perhaps you know a few of them; Willie Marble, Lefty Lefever, Charlie Burnett, Frank Filling, Pierre deVitry, Matt Moore, Anders Alfelt, Ben Denne, Rich Wattie and my own talented wife, Robin Chambers.
I suppose we could have gone on and on with it, rerecording and adding new parts, but cooler heads got the better of us and we called an end to the game due to darkness. This is not a "best hits" album, but a collection of songs that I was working on during that certain time period. Many have never been heard in public. My intention is to have a cd release party, but an untimely hernia operation left me no choice but to begin sales as soon as possible.
I'm not such a great businessman and asking for money doesn't come naturally to me. But I have to try to sell this thing and hell, some of you out there may actually want it. So I propose to offer it to you at the introductory price of 12 dollars, shipped to your door, and I will throw in a free ticket to any cd release party that I might have.
So, and here's the pitch, send 12 bucks to me at the following address and I'll send you the album, "t'il cooler heads prevail". Or beat a path to my door and get a discount. If you hate the thing I'll give your money back.
Steve Chambers
1029 Millwood Rd.
Willow Street, Pa 17584

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The tunes on this album are all original. Only a few have ever been covered by the Modern Icons, "Smorgasbord" being the most notable. After 15 years of weird songs, I wrote a few love songs,.....albeit weird love songs, "Dump truck Delores" and "Lobotomy"
and "Mildred and Me". There's a bluegrass gospel tune and don't miss Charlie's killer sitar solo on "I started naked" Check out the world famous Ben Denne brass quintet. And there's a few rockers, complete with electric guitars and drums. And listen closely for the secret hidden track "Bens Boy Amos", recorded in Shrewsbury with lawn mowers and weed eaters and a hedge trimmer. This is the stuff hits are made of.
thanks for listening folks. hopefully you don't think too poorly of my weak attempts at capitalistic gain.Steve
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